Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to Get Yucky White Residue Out of Your Dishwasher

Is there a white film all over the surfaces in your dishwasher. Are your glasses consistently coming out cloudy? You may need to clean out the dishwasher and switch up your dishwashing products in order to remove the residue.

Two years ago, we had to buy a new dishwasher. Our old one had kicked the bucket, so it was time for us to replace it. Unfortunately, the dishwasher we had was a European model, and it was just slightly less wide than most dishwashers built in the United States. We were forced to replace the dishwasher with a more expensive European model because the less expensive US models simply would not fit.

After clunking down over $1,000 for this tricked out dishwasher we didn't need, I started to notice that it wasn't getting our dishes clean. Everything was coming out with a yucky white residue on it, so I called the company we purchased our "superior" dishwasher from, Abt.

The technician came to our home, and told us the reason our dishwasher wasn't working was because we were using Cascade. Apparently, many dishwasher detergent companies changed up their formulas a few years ago, and it caused residue in some of the newer, European dishwashers.

I was ticked. First, I had to buy an uber-expensive dishwasher, and now I was going to have to buy uber-expensive detergent too?

Fortunately, the solution was simple and inexpensive. This is what we had to do to get the gunk out of our dishwasher.

1. Empty all dishes from the dishwasher.

2. Start the dishwasher on a regular cycle. About half way through the cycle, open the dishwasher to see if the little detergent tray has popped open. 

3. If the little door is still closed, close the dishwasher back up and check again in a few minutes. Once the detergent compartment has opened, pour two cups of vinegar directly into the dishwasher, close the door, and let the dishwasher continue through the cycle.

4. Repeat Step 3 until your are satisfied with the un-disgustingness of your dishwasher.

5. Give your Cascade (or whatever detergent you're using) to a good person who has a lovely, US-model dishwasher.

6. Purchase Finish detergent. It doesn't leave residue behind. I was skeptical about using Finish, because I thought it seemed like an off-brand that wouldn't work well, but it's been great for us!

Alternative: If you're in a bigger hurry, you could try purchasing a dishwasher cleaner like Affresh. It may clean our your dishwasher more quickly than using vinegar. But, you'll still have to change detergents for everyday use.

So, that yucky residue in your dishwasher can be removed! It will just take vinegar, Finish detergent, and a whole lot of patience! Good luck with getting your dishwasher back to normal.

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